Nate Lewis

Nate Lewis

Project Manager

Nate Lewis grew up learning about carpentry. His father taught him the basics, and by the time he was a teenager his dad got him a summer job working for a construction company. He worked for that company from high school through college.

Nate attended the University of New Hampshire and earned a BS in environmental science, where he learned about the power of observation, a skill he still uses. For awhile he focused on sustainable agriculture and ran a small farm. When it was time for an energy audit of his own home, he contacted Sisler Builders, who sent their expert, Mike D’Muhala, to do the audit. That experience provided Nate with the opportunity to learn more about Sisler Builders. At the time he was working for himself and slow winters prompted him to contact Steve Sisler about a job. Nate started as a general carpenter and worked his way up to site supervisor. Now, in addition to carpentry, he also handles project management.

“I like having my hands busy, not just on a keyboard,” Nate says. “I like the diversity. Every day is different. I also like working with my hands, being outside while working, and the physical exercise.” In his spare time he enjoys everything skiing: downhill, cross-country, backcountry, and now he’s trying skate skiing. Nate, his wife, and their two young children live in Waterbury Center.

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