Steve Sisler

Steve Sisler


Steve started Sisler Builders in 1983, after graduating from Union College with a degree in industrial economics. He got involved in construction during his teenage years, while working with his mother, who directed renovations of historic buildings in Ithaca, New York. Throughout his long career, Steve has always enjoyed being on the jobsite, engaged in every project. A natural innovator, he eagerly helps his clients see possibilities that might have been overlooked in the design process.

Steve is a skilled team leader. He is an avid ice-hockey player and has coached for 20 seasons, from youth hockey to college junior varsity teams. He feels that his time on the ice, as both a player and a coach, has enhanced his ability to build and motivate his team. Steve is proud of the project management team he has built over the years and the solid reputation that his company has earned.

Read an interview with Steve from the 2018 summer edition of the Stowe Guide & Magazine.

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