Enhanced Woodworking Capabilities

May 22, 2019 | Sisler Builders News

Sisler Builders expanded and enhanced woodworking capabilities.

This American black walnut and stainless steel dining table was designed by the architect to be harmonious with the reclaimed black walnut floors on which it sits. Our build quality led to a collaboration with that architect for a number of other tables.

Our local economy is growing, and Sisler Builders is keeping pace with that growth. An exciting recent development is the move of our woodshop to a conveniently located, much larger space in Waterbury Center. We have seen a steady increase in the demand for high-quality wooden products that complement the buildings they are designed for, making them more beautiful, functional, durable, and occasionally whimsical. In response to that demand we have expanded and enhanced our woodworking capabilities.

Our new space is the result of a collaboration with a long-time friend and client, who had an under-utilized building he was willing to upgrade to meet our specific needs. Together we made the space easy to heat and suitable for our carefully thought-out woodworking facility. It has a state-of-the-art environmentally friendly dust collection system that allows us to collect raw wood dust in a trailer, and sheet goods waste with formaldehyde glue in a different bin to be disposed of properly. The raw dust is transported a short distance to Grow Compost, another local business, where they integrate it into their compost production. In keeping with our goal to reduce our carbon footprint, the equipment is powered by our landlord’s on-site solar farm.

Sisler Builders expanded and enhanced woodworking capabilities.

Our client wanted a unique front door and found the perfect solution. Glen Waller salvaged massive oak pieces from a nearby dam. We cut that wood, which had been stained by the water’s interaction with the ferrous iron bolts used to hold it together, into the veneers that face both sides of this door. Visually there truly is nothing else like it!

Our woodworking team, Seth Allen, Glen Waller, Craig Gants, and Jeremy Lindorff, spent many hours searching for used equipment at a reasonable cost. They purchased machines that optimize our shop’s production and enhance efficiency. We now have more milling capabilities with a 36-inch planer, a 54-inch-wide belt sander, a sliding panel saw, a larger radial arm saw for selecting lumber in the rough, a 16-inch joiner, a 24-inch cut-capacity band saw, and 2 large shapers. Glen, who is a locally renowned mechanical genius, modified a few of the more vintage machines to exactly suit our needs. It’s exciting to now see this older equipment smoothly humming along with new purpose.

woodworking capabilities

The staircase was designed by an architect who came up with the geometric pattern balustrade we fabricated in our shop and installed in another home. We carefully selected native red birch with stunning “flame” character for the newel posts, handrails, and the integrated bench. The remaining components are quarter-sawn red birch.

We enhanced our shop’s office with more powerful computing capability so we can generate Auto CAD drawings efficiently. This enables us to produce drawings for customer and architect review. Once the drawings have received final approval, they are immediately suitable for production, really streamlining our process and providing value to our customers.

When thinking about your next woodworking projects, please consider us. We have decades of experience and now we have enhanced capabilities. Our product range is diverse. We’ve done custom exterior and interior doors, furniture, built-ins, kitchen and bath cabinetry, mud rooms, and even a custom shuffleboard table. We are always enthusiastic about new challenges.

The new woodshop is located on Rt 100 just across from Sunflower Natural Foods. If you are in the area, please stop in to see the space and discuss your woodworking needs with us.

You can see more of our work at SislerBuilders.com/Woodworking and reach the shop at Woodwork@SislerBuilders.com or by calling Seth Allen at 802-760-9975.



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