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Jul 1, 2012 | Sisler Builders News

Taking your tool shed on the road

story by remodeling • photos by Sharon Sisler

Remodeling – July 2012

WOULDN’T IT BE HANDY to just pick up your backyard tool shed and bring it with you to the site? It already has everything you need right where you need it to be.

Steve Sisler, owner of Sisler Builders, in Stowe, Vt., and his team took that idea to heart when they built the “Hot Dog House,” so named by Sisler’s young sons who pretended to sell hot dogs out of the shed while it was being built in the driveway. Though the Hot Dog House was built many years ago, Sisler tells REMODELING that the shed continues to travel to jobsites with his crews almost every day.

“It’s a simple shed with a peaked roof and four wooden doors that open up along the sides so we can reach in for tools, supplies, plans, and schedules,” Sisler says. “Inside are shelves and lots of little cubbies for organizing hand tools, screws, nails, caulk tubes, and so forth.” Sisler says that his site superintendents or project managers are responsible for making sure the shed is stocked with the right parts as it heads out to each job. Large items such as stepladders, compressors, and generators are placed on the floor and moved onto the site when the shed arrives.

“We use the shed on many of our jobs, especially those where we’ll be working for a while,” Sisler says. “We transport it on a trailer, where it often stays, but it’s also light enough to be lifted off and placed on the ground when that’s called for.”



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