Sisler Builders’ Crew With Kids

May 29, 2018 | Sisler Builders News

By Kate Carter

At Sisler Builders we feel that in order to attract and retain hard-working, capable, and motivated employees we need to respect their busy lives. Our staff is comprised mostly of men. We call them crew with kids. Some are starting families, while others have grown children. It can be tough to juggle schedules to meet everyone’s needs. We know. We raised two boys. Meet five exceptional employees who appreciate a flexible schedule so they can be dependable dads, present for their kids.

Crew With Kids Seth and Girls

Seth Allen

Seth works in our woodworking department and has been with Sisler Builders for seven years. He has two daughters, Francis, age seven, and Coco, age five. His wife, Erica, is a freelance photographer and often travels for work. “Steve gives us the ability to tend to our kids. He knows family is important. Sometimes I have to take the kids to school and don’t get in to work until 10 a.m. and Steve is totally flexible about it.” Seth was recently diagnosed with nodular sclerosis lymphoma and has missed work due to chemotherapy and its side effects. His job building beautiful cabinetry and furniture is waiting for him to return full time. Seth is grateful and says, “Working for Sisler Builders turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Steve’s been good to me and my family.”


Crew With Kids Bryan and Finn

Bryan Kelley

Bryan is a project manager for a large house going up in Robinson Springs. He started with Sisler Builders two years ago, when he and his wife, Tara, moved to Stowe. Their son Finn is eight months old and goes to daycare most days. Juggling pick-up and drop-off times would be a problem if it weren’t for the flexibility Bryan’s job provides. “It’s awesome working for Sisler Builders,” Bryan says. “Family is important, it’s not an afterthought. It’s nice to know that my employer understands that. I’ve worked for companies where this was not the case. It’s great to have a fresh mindset.”


Crew With Kids Nate and Jack

Nate Lewis

The new kid on the block, Nate has been working for Sisler Builders for just over a year. He’s been doing construction since he was 16 and is currently a site supervisor for a renovation project in Stowe Hollow. His wife, Chelsea, also works full time. They have a two-and-a-half-year-old son, Jack. “The company is understanding if I have fatherly duties to tend to. It’s an advantage, just understanding that when Jack is sick at daycare I will have to pick him up if Chelsea can’t.” Jack has been to his dad’s job site to see what he does all day. He likes it and looks forward to seeing the excavators. “The flexibility we have at Sisler Builders is an added bonus,” Nate says. “It’s a real advantage to be working for a company that cares about its employees.”


Crew With Kids Sivan and Julius

Sivan Mesner

A carpenter at the Liftline project at Spruce Peak, Sivan has been with Sisler Builders for four years. His wife, Mandy, is a gardener; their son, Julius, is three. Mandy has taken Julius to see his dad on the job site. “Although he’s only three, he knows what I do all day,” Sivan says. Schedule flexibility is important to Sivan, especially when it comes to child care duties and also emergencies. “I come in late two days a week so I can drop Julius off at day care, and I make up the work another time. If Julius is sick at day care, I am able to leave and go help with that.” Sivan says Sisler Builders is a good company for work culture, flexibility, and varied schedules. “As long as we are producing results, we can have some freedom.”


Crew With Kids Shawn and Lily

Shawn Thompson

Shawn has been with Sisler builders for six years, moving through various jobs to where he is now, project facilitator. “I’ve known the Sislers for most of my life and have a special relationship with the company and the family. When Lily was born they gave her an ‘intro to carpentry’ toy tool set.” Shawn’s soon-to-be-wife Samantha does bodywork and has an unpredictable schedule, so Shawn especially values the company’s flexibility and commitment to family. “I am able to leave at a moment’s notice to pick Lily up at day care if she’s sick,” he says. Lily, age 2, is too young to understand where daddy goes everyday, she just knows he goes somewhere. “Her mom always tells her I’m at work and she replies, ҅daddy working.’ ”



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